simiyu samurai

RYAN MBATIA is the Simiyu Samurai. While living in Japan, he had the opportunity to learn a variety of Martial arts styles and skills. However, he is forced to return to Kenya after his parents pass away in an earthquake and Tsunami.

Simiyu must rediscover the Africa he left almost 12 years ago and try to integrate himself in the small rural community of his Grandmother and niece. This brings him into direct conflict with a group of local thugs who have been running an extortion racket in the village.

Simiyu’s character journey in the series is his struggle to be incorporated and find his place into the ever-evolving Kenyan Society. From being very open, trustworthy and naïve to all the people he meets, Simiyu must learn to decipher friend from foe. He must also come to terms with the Political, Social and Economic Challengers most youths his age are grappling with. Should he settle for the quick material gains and opportunities that his skill as a fighter have shown him or should he aspire for more while continuing to live in relative poverty? Either way, Simiyu must change and grow into being a Kenyan and become a man at peace with himself and the decisions he has made. Watch, follow and Vote to help him along his journey.


NAME: Ryan Mbatia

Age: 26 yrs

Occupation: Commercial Pilot, Fitness Trainer, Actor and Entrepreneur.

Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Driving, Listening to music, Dj-ing, Dancing, Watching movies and relaxing with his friends.

Interests: Flying, Rallying, Farming.

Music: Hip hop, R&B, Rap, Raga, some Techno & Rock.

Movies: Action movies such as Matrix, Spiderman, Fracture, Fast & Furious, Transformers and thrillers like Inception

Bio: Generally a happy guy, very driven, motivated and loves to learn – anything about everything! He is really into technology; gadgets, gizmos, cars and science. He believes he can achieve anything he puts his mind to and because of this and his varied interests he has been involved in a lot of activities. These include his first love; piloting, as well as dancing, choreography, web design, dj-ing, owning a restaurant, martial arts, automotive sales and marketing. He is a perfectionist and can be annoying with it at times. He has really big dreams, which he sets as goals for himself and since he’s a go-getter, he will accomplish as many as he can.