Jackie Vike is Zinzy, Simiyu’s love interest and beautiful neighbor. She has been pigeonholed in her family’s rural farm and virtually abandoned by her parents for an incident. Simiyu must face this fact should he continue to pursue his interest in her. She too earns a living at the local market. She is wise in the ways of both sides of rural and urban society and can stand up for herself and her rights when required. She has good business sense and proves to be an invaluable friend to Simiyu.

Her Character journey will see her having to decide to follow her heart with her new admirer who’s future presently looks bleak or wait for the rich father of her son to accept his responsibilities and her.

Having a young son to care for she is uniquely suited to recognize the merits and demerits of the quick money opportunities that come Simiyu’s way and her advise to him could have dire consequences.

Watch, Follow and Vote to lead her on the right path to a great future for her and her son.


NAME: Jacky Vike

Age: 26 yrs

Occupation: Performing Artist, Actress and Dancer

Hobbies: Traveling, Making friends, Listening to music

Interests:Swimming and Radio presenting

Music:Old and new School Hip Hop

Movies: Comedy

Bio: Born in Nairobi, she started her acting career in high school drama festivals and local plays. After school, she joined Heartstrings Assembly; a prominent theatrical group where she continued to hone her acting skills by playing diverse roles. Her Film Debut came in the hit TV series Wash “n” Set, where she portrayed a fiery and headstrong schoolgirl .The role not only showcased her diverse talent but brought her a bevy of loyal fans who follow her performances across the nation. She featured in the internationally acclaimed Feature Film “Nairobi Half Life” and is currently one of Kenya’s most sort after Leading Actresses with a permanent role in one of Kenya’s leading TV soap opera’s, “Papa Shirandula”

Jackie is extremely serious about her personal fitness being a professional Dancer & Chorographer. She volunteered for and professionally executed all the stunts in Simiyu Samurai herself and trained alongside the “Boys” giving as good as she got.

Her knack for undertaking challenging roles, which she depicts with realism and deep insight, makes this fun loving lady one of the true stars of the Simiyu Samurai Series.